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Turntables (48 tracks)

Tuesday 9 August 2011, by Philippe Buisset

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In addition to the P type roundhouse, I’ve modelled a 27 meter turntable, which accompanied this beautiful building.
I don’t have many documentation, so I’ve based my works on the observation of the old Jouef turntable that I’ve retrieved from my former model railway

pont tournant - modélisation

I’ve also used the plan which has been published in the special issue n° 17 of Loco Revue, what allowed me in particular to refine the profile of the central pivot

pont tournant 27m - modélisation - application textures

I’ve almost ended the application of textures for the turntable and the pit.

Pont tournant 27m - 1ères rotations dans le jeu

The Beta 1 release is online (in complement with the modules of the type P roundhouse).

23rd may, 2011 - New : 27 m turntable with brown pit (hard-packed surface)

Pont tournant avec fosse couleur "terre"

A variant of the turntable which finds the color it had during the works (see the screenshots already shown in this article)

9th june, 2011 : the 24 m turntable is online!

Pont tournant 24m

There were too 24 m turntables. This size was demanded by some friends of the forums! Here it’s on-line, in 2 versions (as the 27 m turntable): grey pit and brown pit (hard-packed surface)!


Track associated with the turntables and the roudhouse

The track of the different module and turntable is a FMA track created by Vendel, which can be uploaded from the DLS. Its name is FMA Rail-only track 20m straight - KUID:149987:38999;

I aim to create soon a special track for these objects, in order to avoid external dependences

info portfolio

24 m turntable 24 m turntable - pit in hard-packed surface 27 m turntable - modelling in progress 27 m turntable - modelling - work on guardrails 27 m turntable - modelling - before Before application of textures 27 m turntable - refined pivot 27 m turntable - first rotations in the game 27 m turntable - first rotations in the game 27 m turntable - first rotations in the game
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