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Grocer’s shop 1

Thursday 1 May 2008, by Philippe Buisset

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This small grocer’s shop is in the nearby town. I found it rather nice: some photos further, the modelling was beginning!

It is now ended, here is the object in Trainz!

La boutique dans Trainz

I’ve adjusted the texture of the night mode and it is now available in download.

I have just put on-line a variant which actually is the same shop, but before its renovation!

variante de la boutique 1

I’ve had some setbacks with the night mode of this variant. I’ve searched some help on the forum Au P’tit Train Français.

Thanks to the advice of the friends, I’ve revised the way I conceived previously the night modes of my buildings.

Indeed, for the night modes of my buildings, I kept only objects or facades on which some elements are enlightened.

But for the unlit parts of these facades, I had to proceed to boring regulations of the opaqueness of night textures in order to avoid that unlit walls are too clear or too dark (I think that it can be seen on some of the buildings I have already done, especially at the moment of the transition between day and at night).

I avoid this problem with this new method which allows a better selection of elements to illuminate.

I can also make lighter texture files, which is a good thing!

Changement d'enseigne pour Patrice (Scarol)

Patrice (Scarol-Trainz) asked me if this small grocer’s shop could become a Spar shop, which is a common brand in Belgium. I’ve just put this new variant online!

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boutique 1 grocer's shops 1b - night mode in Gmax grocer's shops 1 - the real building grocer's shops 1 - the real building grocer's shops 1 - texture file grocer's shops 1 and 1b - in Trainz grocer's shops 1 and 1b - by night in Trainz grocer's shop 1b - Gmax grocer's shop 1c - texture file grocer's shop 1c - Gmax the 3 shops in Trainz the 3 shops in Trainz by night grocer's shop 1c
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