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The station of Sous-le-Bois

Latest update : 29 January 2008.

The station of Sous-le-Bois is a junction on the Paris-Maubeuge line.

One of the branches is connecting the Paris-Bruxelles line, the other goes on to Aulnoye, Saint-Quentin and Paris.

I’ve always loved this junction and it’s station and after taking apart the model railway of my youth, I decided to reproduce it in HO scale.

I wanted also to reproduce the other parts of the triangle of the junction, but life didn’t agree about this plan, the other modules are not yet made, but I don’t have given this project up !

The station and the small shed have been made according to Alain Pras’s methods.

Abandonned for many years, the module has been rather deteriorated, but I want to give it a rejuvenation cure which I ’ll inform you !

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